10 times Victor Wembanyama proved he is a basketball alien

Victor Wembanyama's rookie season was no short of sensational. While we wait for him to hit the floor again, we take a look back at ten times he showed us he was other-worldly.
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3. Wemby asks, "May I have this dance?" to Kyle Anderson

When you think of what the big man used to be, you think of anything but Wembanyama, Chet, Embiid, or Jokic. The big men of the league used to be physical specimens of size and strength, but this is 2024, and the league has changed.

Nobody who's a "big man" shouldn't move so quickly and be as shifty as they are, but this is The Alien we're talking about here and every night he could show us something we've never seen before, and this sequence with former Spur, Kyle Anderson was just that.

Anderson stepped out to challenge Victor at the three-point line, but Wemby asked Anderson to dance with him, and it resulted in one of Wembanyama's most mind-blowing highlights.

Give credit where it's due to guys like Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic for changing the center position, but nobody has ever seen a guy who stands seven-foot-four with handles like this and the ability to create space for a stepback three.

And if you think the handles are wild by themselves, look at Victor; once he lets the shot fly, he channels his inner Steph Curry by turning around before the ball goes through the net.