10 times Victor Wembanyama proved he is a basketball alien

Victor Wembanyama's rookie season was no short of sensational. While we wait for him to hit the floor again, we take a look back at ten times he showed us he was other-worldly.
Denver Nuggets v San Antonio Spurs
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5. Nobody wants to challenge Wembanyama

Now, this is something you may have never seen before. In a late-season matchup with the Memphis Grizzlies, where both team's injury reports were less than ideal, Victor went there and began toying with Memphis.

There would be one moment that stands out in his case for Defensive Player of the Year honors. In a fast-break opportunity where the Grizzlies would outnumber Victor three players to one, nobody could decide who would suit up and challenge the 7'4" giant.

Between the trio of Brandon Clarke, Trey Jemison, and Jordan Goodwin, all were terrified by the thought of challenging Wembanyama at the rim, and the Grizz made the smart play here. By kicking it out to Goodwin, he was able to get Wemby in the air with a pump fake, which created the space at the rim for an easy two.

Regardless of the result, you've probably never seen a scenario in which a three-on-one fast break resulted in three guys unable to decide who was going to attempt a shot over one defender.