10 times Victor Wembanyama proved he is a basketball alien

Victor Wembanyama's rookie season was no short of sensational. While we wait for him to hit the floor again, we take a look back at ten times he showed us he was other-worldly.
Denver Nuggets v San Antonio Spurs
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6. 38 point double-double in his fifth game

Everyone expected Wembanyama to come in and make an unworldly impact on the Spurs, but nobody expected for it to come so quickly.

In Victor's fifth game of his career, he would be matched up with Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns for the second consecutive game. After putting up 18 points, eight rebounds, and four blocks, resulting in a come-from-behind win in the first matchup, the number-one overall pick wanted to show he could do it again.

It would be a flat-out dominant performance for Wembanyama, recording 38 points, ten rebounds, and two blocks to lead the Spurs to a 132-121 win over the Suns.

This display was filled with a little bit of everything and was his career high of 38 points until he dropped his first 40-piece against the New York Knicks in late March.