1 Prospect for every possible San Antonio Spurs NBA Draft position

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Scoot Henderson
Ontario Clippers v G League Ignite / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Scoot Henderson. player. . . G League Ignite. Guard. 2. 29

If the Spurs are fortunate enough to land the second overall pick, there is no reason for them to think twice before selecting Scoot Henderson. Most pundits have lauded the talented teenage point guard as the second-best prospect in this draft class, and he could offer San Antonio's anemic half-court offense some much-needed horsepower next season.

The G League Ignite alumnus has a blistering first step, explosive leaping ability, and an expansive repertoire of moves and counters he uses to get wherever he wants on command. Though he can dominate a contest with three-level scoring, Henderson masterfully leverages his gravity to create open looks for his teammates, making him an ideal fit in the 2-1-0.

Henderson has the tools to be a disruptive point-of-attack defender, and though he will never be as impactful as Wembanyama, he should be able to hold his own against most backcourt matchups. Regardless, the ball club that chooses the electric floor general will add a primary ballhandler with superstar potential, which should offset any concerns on the other end.