1 fascinating skill every standout prospect brings to the Summer League Spurs

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns
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Sir'Jabari Rice: Dangerous Pump Fake

San Antonio snatched Sir'Jabari Rice off the undrafted free agent market and inked him to a two-way contract within moments of the 2023 NBA Draft ending. The 24-year-old guard helped steer Texas to their first Elite Eight appearance since 2008, and his well-rounded offensive package could convince the Spurs to call him up to the big-league club sooner than some of their recent rookies.

Rice arguably has the most unique and fascinating skill of any player heading to Summer League, with a pump fake that makes even the most disciplined defenders leave their feet like a Pop-Tart launching out of a toaster. He sells this move so well because of his knockdown shooting from three, so don't be shocked if he jukes you out of your shoes when you're watching from the couch.

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