1 dream, 1 reach, 2 realistic free agents for Spurs to target

NBA free agency is fast approaching, and the San Antonio Spurs will have a range of options to consider to upgrade their roster.
Pascal Siakam
Pascal Siakam / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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Dream - Pascal Siakam - UFA

Pascal Siakam will likely be the most-coveted free agent this summer. His displays during the Eastern Conference Playoffs all but ensure that. There is no reason why the Indiana Pacers should be competing with the Boston Celtics in their series but a large reason for it is Siakam's impact on both sides of the ball. Acquiring a 30-year-old star would be firmly outside the timeline Spurs fans love to toss around, but his influence would be felt immediately.

San Antonio would go from a team unsure if it can compete for a play-in spot to a playoff team. That jump would also need to coincide with a large step forward from Wembanyama and at least a noticeable advancement from Devin Vassell, but Spurs fans are expecting those things anyway.

Since Siakam is an unrestricted free agent, PAFTO could sign him without sacrificing draft capital. This move would not sacrifice the ability to build a long-term contender, though San Antonio would likely have to pay Siakam the max. But if they could agree to a 3-year deal, they'd be in a position of flexibility as Wembanyama's monster deal approaches. While the chances of this happening are slim to none, there's no denying the appeal of such a move.