1 dream, 1 reach, 2 realistic free agents for Spurs to target

NBA free agency is fast approaching, and the San Antonio Spurs will have a range of options to consider to upgrade their roster.
Pascal Siakam
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Versatility is more important than ever in today's NBA. By now, everyone has heard about the discussion around positionless basketball and how important it is. While all of that is the case, there are fundamental concepts that will always be a factor in the success of a team, no matter how much the game evolves. The San Antonio Spurs have been at the forefront of evolution for years, so fans should expect that to continue.

The way these efforts manifest can come in a myriad of ways. Whether it be hiring Becky Hammon as a front-bench assistant coach, taking a D'Antoni-inspired offense and birthing the 'Perfect Game' or building a large portion of your team with foreign-born players, the Spurs know how to make their mark.

Victor Wembanyama is the latest piece that will allow San Antonio to morph their team into whatever versatile, forward-thinking animal it needs to be for the next dynasty. They'll need to add more to get there and while there is no telling to predict what the end product looks like, the squad, without question, needs more shooting and defense. Fortunately, there are guys on the market that should be able to fill those voids.

Reach - OG Anunoby - Player/option

OG Anunoby just showcased his value to the world during the NBA Playoffs alongside Jalen Brunson in their march to the second round of the playoffs. Anunoby got injured, costing the New York Knicks a chance to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Knickerbockers dealt with an ungodly number of injuries to sabotage their chances. The way they were playing, it felt like all they needed was Anunoby to stay healthy, and they would have beaten the Indiana Pacers.

The 26-year-old forward can play power forward or small forward while guarding positions 1-4 and the occasional center. He's a strong defender, and during the regular season, the former Toronto Raptor shot 39% from the field.

He has a player option worth $19 million coming up that he will likely decline, seeking a bigger payday. He won't command the max but he's earned his money. Prying him from the Knicks would be a bump in the road the Spurs may not be able to overcome, but it would be nice.