1 Crucial skill every Spurs rookie should work on this offseason

San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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The San Antonio Spurs fielded their youngest roster in franchise history this season, with enough players under the legal drinking age to fill up a college dorm. That inexperience naturally led to disorganization on both ends of the court and a losing record, but there were numerous positive developments from practically every talented prospect in the 2-1-0.

Gregg Popovich held rookies accountable for their mistakes and fostered growth as he kept his players motivated amid a laundry list of injuries and routine double-digit losses. Those youngsters are entering their first full-length NBA offseason, so which skills should they continue sharpening as they prepare for their second go-round with the Silver and Black?

Jeremy Sochan: Three-Point Shooting

Jeremy Sochan entered the NBA with questions surrounding his offensive repertoire but surpassed all expectations, demonstrating his versatility on a nightly basis with transition ballhandling, connective passing, and timely cutting. While he made tangible strides as a scorer, his shooting struggles persisted as he drained a measly 24.6% of his three-point attempts during his rookie season with the Silver and Black.

Opponents were willing to leave Sochan open from beyond the arc, which shrank the court for his teammates. Though no one should expect the 19-year-old combo forward to become a premier marksman anytime soon, he should work on smoothing out his mechanics and speeding up his release this summer. Developing into a dependable standstill threat would spread defenses thinner and improve San Antonio's spacing.

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