1 can't-miss 2024 draft prospect for the Spurs at every position 

For San Antonio Spurs fans, the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft can't come soon enough and with two top-eight picks, here's the best prospect at each position.
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Power forward: Tidjane Salaun

With two top-eight picks in a lackluster draft, the Spurs could play it relatively safe with one selection and swing for the fences with the other. That might make Tidjane Salaun an option for the 8th pick, given that he is extremely raw but has the potential to be a very useful player.

Salaun is a 6'9 forward with a 7'1 wingspan span. In addition to being a good athlete, he projects to be a good shooter in the NBA. He is also active on the other end of the floor, perhaps a little too active at times, but if he can improve his positioning and footwork, he should be a versatile defender who can guard both forward spots.

Fortunately, he is one of the younger players in the draft, with him not turning 19 years old until August. That gives him a lot of room and time to improve, and a team with a lottery pick might see him as having significant boom or bust potential and give him a shot. Since the Spurs have two picks, they make a lot of sense, though after reaching on Joshua Primo three years ago, it's fair to wonder if they would take another big chance in the lottery.