1 big thing the Spurs need from Tre Jones next season

The Spurs have found a key piece to their future in Tre Jones and he can skyrocket San Antonio's trajectory with this key change to his game.
Tre Jones, Malaki Branham
Tre Jones, Malaki Branham / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

As the San Antonio Spurs gear up for the offseason, one crucial element looms large in their plans for the upcoming campaign: the role of Tre Jones. Since assuming the starting point guard position this season, Jones has demonstrated his value and underscored his importance to the team's success.

Since being selected in 2020, Jones has quickly earned a reputation as a dedicated player willing to contribute in any way possible. However, with the offseason presenting opportunities to bolster the roster with a more dynamic point guard, whether through trade or the draft, the focus shifts to optimizing Jones' role within the team.

Tre Jones has earned a spot on the Spurs for the long haul

While Jones has excelled in various facets of his game, including ball handling, passing, and defense, one area stands out as a potential game-changer: his three-point shooting. Since the all-star break, Jones has been shooting an impressive 50% from beyond the arc—a statistic that holds significant value in today's NBA landscape.

The key for Jones moving forward will be to increase his volume of three-point attempts. Currently averaging 2.5 three-point attempts per game since the all-star break, Jones has the potential to significantly impact the Spurs' offense by being more aggressive with his shooting. Ideally, Jones would aim for around 6 three-point attempts per game, leveraging his high shooting percentage to force opposing defenses to stay attached to him, thereby creating more space for teammates like Victor Wembanyama and Devin Vassell.

By embracing a more aggressive approach to his shooting, Jones can elevate his impact on the team and provide a much-needed boost to the Spurs' offense. Moreover, if he can maintain his high shooting percentage while increasing his volume of three-point attempts, Jones could emerge as a legitimate candidate for the Sixth Man of the Year award—a recognition reserved for the NBA's top performers coming off the bench.

The prospect of Jones evolving into a Sixth Man of the Year contender adds another layer of excitement and potential to the Spurs' future. With his versatility, defensive prowess, and now, an increasingly potent outside shot, Jones has the tools to become a vital cog in the team's success.

As the Spurs navigate the offseason and prepare for the challenges ahead, maximizing Jones' potential as a well-rounded player with a lethal outside shot will be paramount. By harnessing his shooting skills and embracing a more aggressive mentality, Jones can play a significant role in propelling the Spurs back to the mountaintop, where they belong.