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This win-win Spurs trade would help Lakers' abysmal shooting

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Will a trade between the Lakers and Spurs happen?

If the Lakers are desperate enough, a trade like this is a possibility. Judging by the team's first 20 games on their schedule, they will be. James tends to take more of a passive-aggressive strategy to get his team to improve the roster, but he's already directly called out his team's flaws. He also agreed to a contract extension, likely with the assurance that they'd make moves to get better.

The Lakers aren't notably better than last season's team that finished well below .500, and after failing to get All-Star Kyrie Irving, responded by trading for Beverley and signing Dennis Schroeder. He's probably not impressed.

Still, the Lakers will shop around for the best deal, and the Indiana Pacers and Utah Jazz are alternatives to the Spurs. The Lakers and Jazz discussed a Westbrook deal that included receiving Buddy Hield and Myles Turner, but the Lakers shot that deal down twice. Additionally, the Jazz have quite a few veterans on their roster that they would receive in return, including Mike Conley Jr., Jordan Clarkson, and former Spur Rudy Gay.

Despite the competition, if the Spurs are willing to trade three starting-caliber rotation players for Westbrook, then that could fill many holes on the sinking ship, the S.S. Lakers. Meanwhile, the Spurs would get two potentially terrific future assets that they could stash away until the latter half of the decade when there are flying cars.

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It would also help them in the meantime and somehow make them even worse, which will help them in their pursuit of a particular 7'4 player that Devin Vassell doesn't want to be named. Win-Win.