Why huge Donovan Mitchell trade is double-edged sword for Spurs

Donovan Mitchell, Keldon Johnson
Donovan Mitchell, Keldon Johnson / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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The 2023 Draft class is loaded with star upside 

Even though the Hawks’ current situation could put the Spurs in a good position a couple of years from now, many are still concerned about how the emerging rebuild in Utah could affect the Spurs’ plans for the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft, so I think it’s worth making something entirely clear now. The Spurs will not see the 2023 NBA Draft as “Wembanyama or bust," nor will they see it as a “Scoot Henderson or bust” draft, no matter what many fans may think now.  

I’m very comfortable stating, even now, that the 2023 draft class will be exceptionally deep with star-level talent well outside of the top two or three players. This may not be very clear for the time being as it’s still very early in the 2023 draft cycle, but the Spurs will almost certainly be in a position to select a player with All-Star upside, whether it be Dariq Whitehead, Jarace Walker, Cam Whitmore, or the Thompson twins, to name a few qualifying candidates. 

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So, does the Donovan Mitchell trade hurt the Spurs’ chances of landing Wembanyama? Possibly, yes. But it certainly won’t hurt the Spurs’ rebuild over the next several seasons, and in fact, it could even expedite the process of finding the team’s next star player.