Draft Pick Roulette: Which Teams Should Spurs Be Rooting For and Against?

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3. Root Against: The Los Angeles Lakers

While they gave their own 2nd round pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Spurs will still be selecting somewhere in the round in 2022 courtesy of a previous trade involving the Los Angeles Lakers. Where that pick lands directly correlates to how the season ends for LeBron James and company.

Picks 30-60 are put in reverse order of the final NBA standings, meaning the team with the worst record gets the 30th pick while the team with the best gets 60. Of course, any transfers from previous deals mean the given team will still have their place but give up their pick to the team in which they moved their pick.

As of Monday, the Lakers have the 11th-worst record in the league, meaning they're projected to have the 41st pick. The more they fall in the standings, the more the Spurs stand to benefit. As such, San Antonio should be hoping for teams just under them in the standings like Washington and New York to surpass them.

Depending on your hopes for the rest of the season, rooting for Portland or New Orleans is also an option if the play-in tournament isn't as important as moving the Lakers further back then they already are.

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With some help after the NBA All-Star break, the Spurs could end up with their own quality lottery pick paired with another one in the teens and another pick as high as 5th. It's going to be an exciting finish to the season, even when the Spurs aren't playing.