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What Isaiah Roby brings to the Spurs

Roby, just 24, has had an interesting career to this point. He spent time across multiple seasons with multiple teams in the G-League and worked his tail off to get an opportunity in the pros (he finally did in 2020-21). On the court, he’s proven to be a scrappy jack of all trades and master of none fifth option who is unselfish with the ball. However, after breaking through for the Thunder and starting 62 games across two seasons, Isaiah was waived during the offseason because Oklahoma City had a dearth of combo-forward/stretch 5 types. 

With the Spurs, he joins a team devoid of talent at that position. While he was on the outside looking in on rotation minutes in OKC (the team already preferred playing Darius Bazley and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, and then spent first-round picks on Jalen Williams and Jaylin Williams— I know, confusing right?), he adds to a lacking forward room in San Antonio. It was worse before we knew whether Sochan would begin his career in Austin or not, but even now the only other 4s on the team besides the starter and Roby are Doug McDermott and Keita Bates-Diop. 

Most of the above information could’ve been gathered in an actual profile covering Isaiah Roby; Air Alamo’s Josh Paredes wrote a good one right after the Spurs signed him. I just think that it is important to give context for rotational players, especially ones who have persevered as much as Roby has in his young career. The ability to stick around in the league as a second round pick with multiple stints in the G-League shows more resolve than some other recent Spurs big men have had.