Where do the San Antonio Spurs rank in Southwest Division?

Kyle Forson
Luka Doncic, Keldon Johnson
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San Antonio Spurs
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5. Houston Rockets

Clutch City. Mario Elie's Kiss of Death. 1994 Western Conference Semifinals. What a time to be alive. Hold that one close Houston fans, because your 2022 Houston Rockets look to be a far cry from the golden age of the mid-90s.

Houston was simply awful last season, and that trend should continue into this upcoming season. Yes, Houston is young and is considered by some to have one of the more talented young rosters in the league. I, however, do not share this opinion. Avery Bradley and John Wall are the headliners for this club. Beyond that, the cupboard is quite bare.

Is Houston rebuilding or just wondering what happened during the past couple of years? The Houston organization is still in shock, and for Rockets fans, that continues all season long, unfortunately. Houston finishes last in this division and perhaps boasts the worst record league-wide in 2022.

San Antonio Spurs
Ja Morant / Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

4. Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant and Company are a blast to watch play. This team runs and guns as well as almost any other NBA squad. The problem I see here is sustainability. My gut tells me that Memphis starts out hot riding the wave of last season, but that wave only lasts so long.

Before they know it, they'll be looking up at the rest of the division (except for Houston, of course.) This season for the Grizz will be more of a learning phase as opposed to the honeymoon portion of this Morant era in which we had last season. Memphis misses the playoffs and looks toward free agency early in the spring.