Three ways the Spurs can use their massive stockpile of draft picks

Victor Wembanyama
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Option #2: Trade for a top young player

The Spurs have other ways to use their draft picks, including trading for a current NBA player. They probably aren't going to make a play for Damian Lillard this summer, but there are young, talented options the Spurs could try to acquire, such as OG Anunoby or Mikal Bridges, who might be realistic targets.

This particular option would likely be a direct result of the Spurs striking out on Wembanyama and Henderson and trying to fast-track the rebuild. Losing out on both would be tough since the Spurs are suffering through what might go down as the worst season in team history for a chance at a future superstar. Thus, the Spurs may opt for a more proactive approach to improving the team by making a splashy deal for a gifted young player.

In theory, that makes sense, but it might not be all that likely. Of course, the team is in the mix to land either Wembanyama or Henderson, one way or another, while Anunoby and Bridges aren't perfect fits for the Spurs. Not to mention that the Raptors and the Nets turned down lucrative offers for their young players at the trade deadline. The Spurs can beat the reported four-firsts that the Grizzlies offered for Bridges, but they should only give up that many picks for someone that has a shot to become a legitimate superstar.