Three ways the Spurs can use their massive stockpile of draft picks

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs are in the final stretch of another rebuilding season, and while it has been a long year, the team is in a great spot going forward. Thanks to shrewd move after shrewd move, the Spurs have amassed an impressive collection of draft assets—28 picks to be exact—over the next seven drafts, including 13 first-rounders. 

Those assets aren't just a chance to draft players; they can also serve as a currency the Spurs can use to help get them back into title contention again. Therefore, let's look at three ways the Spurs can use their massive collection of picks.

Option #1: Use some, save some

This scenario sees the Spurs holding onto the majority of their selections because they landed the number-one pick in the NBA Draft Lottery. In this hypothetical, they could hoard their stockpile and use them to help build around Victor Wembanyama as needed. That would make the Spurs the envy of every other NBA team and could put them in a great spot to soon contend for a championship year after year.

After all, good teams seldom have first-round picks to spare, but the Spurs would, thanks to savvy trades in which they prioritized future selections. Imagine them selecting Wenbanyama and becoming a playoff team in a couple of seasons and then having the Bulls and Hawks fork over their potential lottery picks to add to the collection.

That's the dream, of course, but even if they end up with the second pick and take Scoot Henderson, they could be in a similar position. That increases the chances that the Spurs can get a potential franchise cornerstone without breaking the draft pick bank.