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Streaming Spurs Games Outside San Antonio Will Remain Tough

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Bally Sports will roll out a direct-to-consumer service in 2022... maybe

If you're like me, watching the Spurs with Bill Land and Sean Elliott calling the games is an absolute must, which makes this situation all the more irritating. Thankfully, streaming those games may become a reality in 2022, as Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley is aiming to launch a standalone Bally Sports streaming service that year. That promise, however, comes with several caveats.

Assuming it actually comes in 2022 in the first place, a preliminary report from the New York Post suggests that Sinclair is aiming for a $23/month price point for their Bally Sports streaming service. For comparison, according to the New York Post, that is about the price of Netflix and Disney+ combined. While still far more acceptable than an expensive cable package, for those only looking to stream Spurs games, that price is still a bit high.

Unfortunately, though, even this may not come to fruition in 2022 as Sinclair suggests it will. Some are far less optimistic that the company will raise the required $250 million to launch the platform and, even if they do, the platform may not be financially sustainable.

To make a long story short, if Sinclair isn't able to convert enough cable customers to their subscription service, the service could quickly fail while angering their traditional cable providers in the process. With a looming contract renewal with the NBA coming soon, other heavyweight streaming companies like (Netflix, Amazon, Disney, or Apple) that have deeper pockets could offer more money to the NBA and drastically increase the league's audience both domestically and internationally.

Ultimately, though, for now, Spurs games will remain on KENS5 in San Antonio, on Bally Sports Southwest in the surrounding viewing area, and on NBA League Pass everywhere else. In the meantime, the biggest losers will likely be the consumers that rely on Bally Sports to watch games and don't have traditional cable.

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Ideally, cord-cutters will have a less expensive option coming their way sometime in the first half of 2022, but that option could also quickly fall apart. The future is still very uncertain for Spurs games and, if I were you, I would not expect any quick fixes any time soon.