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Streaming Spurs Games Outside San Antonio Will Remain Tough

Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs
Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images
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The beginning of training camp and the preseason is now just around the corner for the San Antonio Spurs and fans are beginning to get excited about games. After one of the most active offseasons in recent memory, the Spurs will be coming into the year looking younger and hungrier than they've looked in years.

With that in mind, though, for fans living outside of the local San Antonio broadcasting area, it's become more and more challenging to find ways to watch games. This past season, Fox Sports Southwest was pulled from nearly all of the major streaming platforms before changing their branding to Bally Sports Southwest.

Many of the changes that have come to Bally Sports within the past couple of years have largely been due to Sinclair Broadcast Group's efforts to restructure their $8.1 billion of debt. Unfortunately, though, because cable providers have seen their net earnings shrink due to the rise of streaming, Sinclair is having to re-think their strategy, even if it means pulling their channels before making them more accessible again.

While NBA League Pass remains as an option for those that live outside of the Spurs' viewing area, for those that are outside of San Antonio but still in an area where Bally Sports Southwest is available, League Pass games remain blacked out.

Here, we'll go over some details as to why Bally Sports Southwest is still largely unavailable to streamers, speculation as to when it will become more available, and how fans can watch games next season.