Spurs: How Lonnie Walker IV can become a starter in 2021-22

Lonnie Walker - New York Knicks v San Antonio Spurs
Lonnie Walker - New York Knicks v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images
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With training camp and the preseason just around the corner for the San Antonio Spurs, the new-look team will be taking shape sooner rather than later. The team is looking younger and hungrier than it has in the past several years, and it will make for some interesting positional battles going well into the season.

One of the most intense positional battles that I anticipate fans will get to see is for the starting shooting guard spot. Derrick White, who is now coming into his fifth NBA season, is who I assume will take the reigns at that spot given that he's now the second longest-tenured Spurs player (only behind Dejounte Murray).

That being said, it would be a colossal mistake to immediately count out Lonnie Walker IV from taking that job from White. He has the physical tools and basketball skills to be an equally good or even better two-way player than White, but he still needs to put those skills and physical gifts together.

While I don't necessarily anticipate Walker taking the starting spot immediately out of training camp, if all goes well for him, I can envision several situations in which he's made the starter sometime during the regular season. In the end, though, there will be several factors at play that will determine Walker's future in this regard, some being outside of his control.

Here, we'll briefly discuss what will need to happen for Walker to become the Spurs' starting shooting guard this season.