Spurs: 3 Potential Trades to move up in the NBA draft

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The Spurs could take on Kevin Love's contract in a trade with the Cavaliers

Similar to the trade with the Warriors, another option would be acquiring Kevin Love from Cleveland in a deal to move up in the draft. Like in the aforementioned Aldridge deal, San Antonio could trade their own pick for Cleveland's higher pick and Kevin Love. 

Love is also owed a staggering $60 million over the next two seasons. That said, Love does have on-court value as a big who can shoot, stretch the floor, rebound, and pass. Again though, because the Spurs will likely have an excess of $40 million in cap space available, taking on such a contract should be doable.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were tied with the Oklahoma City Thunder this past season for the fourth-worst record in the league, so the Spurs could trade into as high as the top five depending on where Cleveland's pick lands. Like with the Wiggins deal though, the Spurs would likely be using well over half of their available cap space, giving them little freedom in the free-agent market and with any contract extensions until Love comes off the books.

Due to Love's contract, San Antonio could conceivably receive even more than just a potential top 5 pick from Cleveland. Both Cleveland's 2021 and Houston's 2022 second-round picks could be added to help balance a potential trade, especially considering that the Spurs currently do not own a second-round pick in next year's draft.

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The San Antonio Spurs will have several possible scenarios in which they can trade up in the upcoming draft. Considering the sheer talent that's present toward the top of this year's draft class, a move up could be worth the cost for years to come.