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Spurs: 3 Potential Trades to move up in the NBA draft

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The San Antonio Spurs may have to include Lonnie Walker IV in a trade package

One potential deal that could entice teams toward the top of this year's draft board could include this year's first-round pick, a top 3 protected 2022 pick, and Lonnie Walker IV.

While this may seem like a lot to give up to move up in the draft, the move isn't as risky as it might seem. For The Spurs, it makes sense to consolidate assets to try and find their next cornerstone player. They are also one of only a few teams that still currently own all of their first-round picks going forward and can afford to shell one out if it means possibly gaining a future All-Star.

Because they would still retain the rest of their first-round picks, throwing in their 2022 first-rounder shouldn’t negatively affect San Antonio’s ability to build around the player they draft this year. Furthermore, because the Spurs are still unlikely to make the playoffs next season, their 2022 pick should be seen as potentially very valuable in a trade package given that it could return a high lottery pick for whoever the Spurs are trading with.

In addition to the extra pick, Walker would likely also need to be included in the trade. Lonnie is still only 22 years old and coming off a solid season, yet he also appears to only be scratching the surface of his full potential. Despite the fact that it's uncertain whether or not he'll actually ever realize that potential, that possibility should be enough to pique teams' interest.

Any and all of the players projected to go in the top five have star potential, or at the very least project as elite role players. Moving up in the draft could provide the Spurs with a major talent upgrade in the long run with only limited risk.