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Should any of Spurs' rumored trade chips be withdrawn?

Jakob Poeltl
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Josh Richardson

Lastly, we have Josh Richardson. The Spurs acquired Richardson in the trade that sent Derrick White to Boston last season. When he arrived, it felt as if he had been with the team for years and quickly fit in the moment he saw the court.

As good as Richardson was for the Spurs, he is 28 years old and would likely add to any championship contender if he is traded. Speaking of being traded, he has a $12.1 million contract that San Antonio can get off their books if they unload him for more picks or everyone's personal favorite, cash considerations.

It would not be surprising in the least to see Richardson and Poeltl traded in a packaged deal some time during season or just before the trade deadline.

So while Brian Wright and the San Antonio Spurs have been pretty quiet during the offseason, it is clear they still have some big decisions to make before and during the upcoming season. Those decisions could have a big impact on what happens next summer.

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Verdict: Trade. Richardson could really do well in a place like Utah or Minnesota, and those two teams could send valuable draft stock to San Antonio in return.