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Should any of Spurs' rumored trade chips be withdrawn?

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Doug McDermott

When the San Antonio Spurs signed Doug McDermott, it was thought he was going to be a part of the team's future for years to come. However, recent moves such as the trades of Derrick White and Murray have given many reasons to re-evaluate their thoughts on the sharpshooter.

There's no doubt outside shooting is at a premium in the modern NBA, and there are several contending teams that could use another floor-spacer and deadly sniper. Even though he was just recently acquired, circumstances have changed and potentially made him more expendable.

While no rumors around McDermott have been mentioned, the biggest question is does he want to be a part of a rebuilding team for a few more years? Or at the age of 30, does he want the chance to use his 3-point shot on a team that can win him a championship?

The answer to these questions may determine how long McDermott remains in Silver and Black.

Verdict: Trade-ish. This will depend on how San Antonio sees McDermott's future with the team and if they can get some picks or an expiring contract in return.