Why Moses Moody is the perfect fit for the Spurs

By Damien Bartonek
Moses Moody
Moses Moody / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images
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San Antonio Spurs
Moses Moody / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

What Moses Moody could bring to the San Antonio Spurs

Moses Moody is a 6-6 wing with a rumored 7-foot wingspan. Body-wise, Moody gives you position versatility with adequate size, length, and short-area athleticism to keep up on either end of the floor.

Defensively, he projects to be a dimensional perimeter defender with versatility and lateral quickness to defend positions 1-4. He's shown to be a defensive playmaker averaging over one steal and on the doorstep of one block per 40 minutes, which ranked him within the top 20 of his conference.

Moody boasted a defensive win shares rating of 1.8 (which ranked him 4th in his conference) and a two percent block rate, which ranked him in the 67th percentile as a defender.

He landed a defensive box plus-minus of 2.3, which ranked him just outside of the top 15. When Moody was on the floor per 100 possessions, his team had a defensive rating of 98.1.

While defense is more of an effort stat and something that cannot be truly monitored through numbers, the tape and numbers speak clearly. Moody is an engaged, willing defender who takes on whoever is in front of him. His length coupled with his instincts and foot speed project him to be a versatile defender -- someone who can defend 1-4 on a night to night basis.

Offensively, his game is at its best when he's moving off the ball and shooting a three or when he's attacking the basket hard either in transition or off of a straight-line drive.

While his game off the bounce is something that needs work, make no mistake about it, offensively there's a lot to like when it comes to Moody. You'll tend to love his game when you think about his upside for the Spurs.