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San Antonio Spurs: Who is expendable in trade for a top 2021 NBA Draft pick?

San Antonio Spurs Keldon Johnson, Dejounte Murray, Derrick White
San Antonio Spurs Keldon Johnson, Dejounte Murray, Derrick White / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
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The San Antonio Spurs have never been big on draft day trades, but this is no ordinary NBA Draft. The 2021 class promises to be one of the deepest ever, with dozens of names capable of being difference-makers and a handful of franchise-level talents available.

Fellow site co-expert Roberto Araiza recently gave his opinion on whether the Spurs should seriously consider trading up for a top pick in the NBA Draft, specifically singling out the Cleveland Cavaliers at number three and Orlando Magic at number five. While it's not typical of the Spurs to make moves very often, there are some realistic possibilities to acquire picks given the cap space they have this summer.

Of course, to get value, you must give value. That's where the Spurs' young core would come into play. While they're still missing that one superstar to elevate everyone, San Antonio has done an excellent job of developing picks into a promising young roster.

Undoubtedly, teams will want to poach a guy or two from this group if it means giving up a high pick. Should the Spurs go that route, they have future assets they could package with players as well.

With the Spurs' family-like dynamic and beaming personalities, it would be tough to see any of the numerous 20-somethings depart, but at the end of the day, the currently constructed roster isn't getting it done.

In my mind, the main possibly tradeable names who would return decent value are Derrick White, Keldon Johnson, and Lonnie Walker. After the jump, I analyze who you fans think might be expendable in a potential deal for a top-four pick.