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SA Spurs: Which centers should be on the trading block?

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Jock Landale is an asset

Jock Landale won the NBL Finals MVP for a reason: he is very good at basketball. In Australia, he showed he can pass, rebound, defend, and score from anywhere, which gives him the highest ceiling of any Spur on this list. Some would argue he should eventually be the franchise center and start over Jakob Poeltl.

In the limited minutes he’s received, his defense has been lacking, but every other facet of his game is up to par. He just needs to hit the weight room so he can keep up with the faster NBA competition. In the embarrassing loss to the Pacers, Landale was the saving grace, shooting perfectly from three, the field, and the charity stripe for ten points, a rebound, and an assist in only five minutes of play. 

The Spurs signed Landale from the NBL because they want him on the team, not to trade him. If he underperforms, no one else will want him because he had his shot. If he meets or exceeds expectations, expect him to be a fixture in the Alamo City for the next five seasons. 

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Jock is here to stay, but none of the other three backups have that luxury. It depends heavily on their play and their competition’s play. Of the five centers on the roster, the third-best will probably be traded for a pick or role player, and the worst two might be cut. The safe man will be in San Antonio for a long time, so there is a lot riding on the play of each of them over the next few months.