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SA Spurs: Which centers should be on the trading block?

Drew Eubanks
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Pros and Cons of Trading Zach Collins

Zach Collins has been battling leg and foot injuries his entire career and is not expected to make his debut for the Spurs until after Christmas. That being said, he does not score at a high volume, but he does everything with purpose and doesn’t turn the ball over too much for an inexperienced player.

The bottom line is the Spurs can’t trade Collins. They rolled the dice on him and another team won’t take the same chance at the expense of an asset. If Collins returns and is productive, the Spurs will probably depart with Thaddeus Young since they both spread the floor and play with similar results. 

If Collins is not productive, well, he’ll be labeled as another player who had a career cut short by injury and will probably be cut rather than traded, because again, there is no market for him quite yet. 

There isn’t enough room on the roster for Young and Collins, so place your bets now on who stays on the team.

Drew Eubanks Might Get a Nice Return

Drew Eubanks seems to be Popovich’s go-to option with the second unit, and so far it’s been a delight. He’s a hustle player, which makes up for a lack of talent. The Spurs rolled the dice on him in the same way they did with Collins and it paid off. If Eubanks gets traded, it will be for a nice package of a solid role player and maybe a draft pick. 

I like Eubanks a lot and would be upset if he got traded, but I really want to see him go. It means that Jock Landale seems to be the go-to option off the bench, and his ceiling is much, much higher. Eubanks can’t do much to stay on the team, it’s all about what Jock does. If Drew gets outplayed, he’s gone. So far, Landale has not had the opportunity to make the jump to the second unit, so Drew is safe for now.

Drew is a rebounding machine when he’s on the floor, and his defense isn’t bad either. Honestly, if DeAndre Jordan, LaMarcus Aldridge, Andre Drummond, or Dwight Howard play wearily or poorly, a contender might send a first-round pick to San Antonio to replace their backup with a pair of fresh legs. It wouldn’t be the worst deal the Spurs could make, and it would give them a treasure chest of picks when paired with Chicago’s first-rounder they got this summer.