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SA Spurs: Which centers should be on the trading block?

Drew Eubanks
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Between Jakob Poeltl, Thaddeus Young, Jock Landale, Zack Collins, and Drew Eubanks the San Antonio Spurs have five centers on their roster. For context, the Spurs are allowed to carry 15 players. Given that an ideal lineup features two guards, two forwards, and a single-center, the Spurs should have only three or four centers on their payroll at any given moment. 

Clearly, one or two of the big men should be out of town when the trade deadline rolls around on February 10th. Poeltl is a fundamental member of the team. He’s a defensive stopper who is putting up career numbers. He should not be on the trade block at all unless it’s a part of a blockbuster trade that immediately makes the Spurs big players in the Western Conference. 

That leaves Collins, Landale, Eubanks, and Young. All aside from Eubanks are recent acquisitions to the Spurs and we know very little about them other than that they are very tall and would dominate in any rec league. Each player has merits that give value to the Spurs and also increase their trade potential, so let’s dive into the pros and cons of moving the four bigs. 

The Case for Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus Young received mixed reviews when he was traded to the Silver and Black this offseason for DeMar DeRozan. Some are still surprised to see him on the roster still, which means there were rumors at one point of his departure.

Young is the oldest player on the team by a good three years, which could be a good or bad thing. He provides leadership and sensibilities, both of which are needed on the youngest Spurs’ roster Popovich has ever had. He has received very little playing time this season but has shown what he can and can’t really do.

Young can basically do everything aside from score. He moves the ball around, rebounds, and plays scrappy defense. His role with the Spurs is yet to be fully revealed, but I suspect that if he gets more playing time, it will go one of two ways. Either he’ll reveal himself to be a solid contributor off the bench and will stay with the Spurs and maybe receive a few too many minutes, or he’ll simply not be very good anymore and either wallow on the bench or get moved for useless assets. 

Either way, Young won’t be traded for anything important, so fans should hope he remains productive for the team he’s on, as he was on Friday.