Spurs: What's the Next Move After Trading Bryn Forbes?

San Antonio Spurs Bryn Forbes
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San Antonio Spurs
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3. Are there chances of a trade out of nowhere?

The trade of Forbes soon after there was reported interest showed that where there's smoke, there could be fire. As far as rumors about the Spurs are concerned, the only other major one was about the Toronto Raptors seeking a reunion with starting center Jakob Poeltl.

Since that report, there haven't been any developments as far as mutual interest from San Antonio or a potential offer from up north. For now, I would treat this rumor as a team desperately needing a defensive center and letting it be known. I'm not sure the Raptors could entice the Spurs into giving up someone who might be on the friendliest contract on the team.

If there are other Spurs on the market or being made available, I haven't seen it written yet. That all could change, though, as the trade deadline draws closer. My guess would be the Spurs don't make a big move this season and play it out as is, with potential bigger moves happening this offseason.

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The play-in tournament has been a difference-maker in terms of making more teams buyers, however, so nothing is completely out of the question.