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San Antonio Spurs: What if Ray Allen misses that shot in 2013?

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Danny Green Steps it Up

In this scenario, Danny Green now has won four Finals, all as a key role player. While he certainly doesn’t crack the list for greatest at his position ever, he is remembered as a hero, similar to the legacy Robert Horry left behind

Danny Green never makes an All-Star Game or wins Finals MVP. However, Tracy McGrady becomes forgotten and Danny Green takes his place. McGrady remains the 52nd best player ever, and Green cracks the top 80, but people talk about Green more. He becomes a must-have free agent, sort of a good luck charm. His deadeye shooting, defensive effort, and leadership allow for him to play well past the age of 35 as a fringe starter or bench player.

Perhaps his 76ers win another one with him, bringing his total up to five. Maybe he wins another one in the twilight of his career, matching Jordan. Did I just compare Danny Green and Michael Jordan? Yes, I did. 

Another interesting thing to consider is that Green now has been a key member of the 2013 and 2014 Finals winners. Two is a lot more than one, so when Toronto offers the Spurs DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl, and the pick that turns into Keldon Johnson for Leonard and Green, the Spurs ask for more. Green is not a small addition to this trade -- he’s a tried and true champion. 

We could go down the rabbit hole about what the Spurs get in return. The Raptors have to throw more in. Maybe the Spurs get another draft pick or a young player like Siakam or VanVleet. Maybe the additional assets in this trade prevent the Raptors from even winning in 2019, bringing Green’s total back down to three and Kawhi’s down to two (hurting his all-time ranking that went up in the previous slide).

Regardless of who wins the 2019 Finals because of this, the trade with the Raptors becomes even more favorable to San Antonio.