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San Antonio Spurs: What if Ray Allen misses that shot in 2013?

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Dirk Nowitzki Remains the Same

Dirk Nowitzki is probably widely regarded as the second-best foreign player after Hakeem Olajuwon. He had his classic fadeaway and pretty much single handily led his Dallas Mavericks to two Finals appearances, winning one of them in 2011. 

His legacy is pretty much the only one that remains mostly unchanged. Sure, Parker and Ginobili surpass him on the all-time greatest foreigners list, but that’s not because of anything Dirk did. He still outperformed in 2011, winning perhaps the most unexpected ring ever. Keep in mind, this was the first year Miami’s Big Three was on the court together, so beating them in their Finals debut was really a big deal. 

The 2012 Thunder team is remembered as a failure or at least a team that could have done more than lose in five games. Dirk was a winner, though, and that’s something no Ray Allen shot can take away from him. The winners write history, they say, so Dirk keeps the same legacy he always had.