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San Antonio Spurs: What if Ray Allen misses that shot in 2013?

Jonah Kubicek
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The Thunder Face Even More Scrutiny

The Oklahoma City Thunder of the early 2010s had three future MVPs on the roster at once. James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook will all become excellent players. The organization and Scott Brooks rightfully face some criticisms for never bringing any sort of hardware to the Sooner State.

Their one saving grace is that they had to go up against the Miami Heat, who also had three superstars all in their prime. It’s a good excuse and remains fairly flawless. However, the 2011 Mavericks showed that the Heat were vincible, and our theoretical repeating Spurs showed that the Heat can simply roll over.

Without that excuse, and becoming the lone victory the Heat get during this era, the Thunder have a lot of questions to answer. In real life, Scott Brooks was fired after the 2015 season. This firing was perhaps a poor choice by Sam Presti, as Brooks had worked very well with his young team. In the world where Ray Allen misses that shot, it’s more likely that Brooks is fired after the 2014 season when the Spurs prove that the Miami Heat are fairly easily defeatable. 

Looking back, the 2012 Thunder are one of the biggest failures in NBA history. They were the only team to fall to those Miami Heat, despite the star talent they possessed. For the sake of the reputation of their core four, it’s a very good thing Ray Allen made that shot in real life.