San Antonio Spurs: Should this season be considered a success or failure?

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San Antonio Spurs
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Verdict: The San Antonio Spurs still had a successful campaign

It is easy to gauge success on a comparative scale, but doing so only satisfies short-term questions and is devoid of a big-picture lookout.

Everyone, for good reason, called on the San Antonio Spurs brass to rebuild, and while their principles delayed the inevitable, they have now embraced it. People should understand that this is a process, and patience will not only be important, but it is the reality.

Barring a sensational draft steal, and while there are glorious precedents to that for the Spurs, this franchise will not be contending next year or even the year after that.

ESPN's rankings are often erratic and controversial (remember DeMar at 82nd), but even the most faithful Spurs considered this as a transition year. Personally, I penciled them in as a play-in lock at best. While they certainly overcame those and still found a way to have the chance to extend their season or even reach the playoffs entirely, one can't be possibly mad at the great direction that this franchise is treading on.

No sports franchise has a better track record with stability than the San Antonio Spurs. And while their venerated principles have faced some tweaks and their storied dynasty is well into its aftermath, if I will bet on an organization who can seamlessly and successfully rebuild, it will be the Spurs.

Spurs fans have been so accustomed to winning that a lot have generated some sort of an allergic reaction to losing, but it's all in the script of growth and development. The 2020-21 San Antonio Spurs season is a successful one with the utmost maturity the team showed amid this peculiar and difficult campaign and their bright future.

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Thank you for this season, Silver and Black. Go Spurs Go!