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San Antonio Spurs: Ultimate Guide to the 2021 NBA Draft

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San Antonio Spurs: Big Boards and Mock Drafts

We've taken a diverse approach to covering the exciting 2021 NBA Draft from all angles. From big boards focusing solely on the San Antonio Spurs to a complete first-round mock draft, we've had a lot to say about what could be a legendary class when all is said and done.

I've also been compiling what the major media outlets like The Athletic and The Ringer are saying as far as who the Spurs will be taking at 12th on Thursday. Here's the complete rundown:

2021 NBA Draft Big Board 1.0 - published on 6/1 by Roberto Araiza:
We take an early look at the top 20 prospects for the San Antonio Spurs.

2021 NBA Draft Big Board 2.0 - published on 6/27 by Roberto Araiza:
We update the top 20 prospects for the Spurs to target.

2021 NBA Lottery Mock Draft - published on 6/24 by Roberto Araiza:
We do an early mock of the lottery portion of the NBA Draft.

Spurs Mock Draft Media Round-up 1.0 - published on 6/25 by Josh Paredes:
We compile what outlets like ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, The Ringer, and more are saying about who the Spurs might take at 12th.

Spurs Mock Draft Media Round-up 2.0 - published on 7/20 by Josh Paredes:
We continue rounding up what the latest mock drafts across the internet are saying.

Spurs Mock Draft Media Round-up 3.0 - published on 7/26 by Josh Paredes:
The final media round-up includes no repeat prospects, showing how wide open the field is.

Complete First Round NBA Mock Draft - published on 7/26 by Roberto Araiza:
Three days from the NBA Draft, Roberto makes his predictions for how the entire first round of the 2021 NBA Draft will play out.

Up next, let's look at some potential trades we've cooked up for the Spurs to make some noise on draft day.