San Antonio Spurs: Ultimate Guide to the 2021 NBA Draft

Gregg Popovich, Dejounte Murray, Lonnie Walker
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San Antonio Spurs
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San Antonio Spurs: Individual Prospect Profiles

At Air Alamo, we've been hard at work all summer profiling prospects projected to land at all points in the NBA Draft. You'll find analysis of Texas talent, national college stars, international standouts, and more within.

Alperen Sengun, C, Turkey - published on 5/8 by me, Josh Paredes:
Is Alperen Sengun the answer to the Spurs' center problems?
"Alperen's feel for the game is only enhanced by his impressive hands, especially for a big. Whether he's using them to set up teammates, grab boards, or finish inside, he demonstrates remarkable control."

Moses Moody, G, Arkansas - published on 5/26 by Damien Bartonek: Why Moses Moody is the perfect fit for the Spurs
"Moody can contribute as a role player off the bench in year one, but if his game off the dribble improves, you're looking at a true two-way threat at your G/F spot in the starting lineup."

Usman Garuba, C, Real Madrid - published on 5/28 by Roberto Araiza: Usman Garuba can be a defensive gamechanger
"Overall, at the very least, Garuba should be able to come into the league and immediately provide a team with a solid, versatile defensive presence on the floor, which is something that is very valuable in today's game."

Charles Bassey
San Antonio Spurs / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Charles Bassey, C, Western Kentucky - published on 5/29 by Roberto Araiza:
Sleeper Charles Bassey is a perfect fit
"While the 12th overall pick may be a big reach for Bassey, I think the San Antonio Spurs need to do everything in their power to secure him on draft night, whether that means making a gutsy reach for him in the lottery or moving up from the second round to get him late in the first."

Kai Jones, C, Texas - published on 6/4 by Damien Bartonek:
Kai Jones provides an answer at center
"At his core, you'll get a rim-running archetype at center that fits the bill for what you want from a center in today's NBA. At his peak, you could have a fringe top 10 center on your hands."

Published on 6/30 by Roberto Araiza:
Is Kai Jones worth a gamble?
"Even if the payout isn't immediate, in a few year's time, if Jones develops well, he could make for a massive payday."

Published on 7/22 by Josh Paredes:
Is Kai Jones' dropping stock a red flag?
"There's a lot to love about taking a chance on Kai Jones for the upcoming season, but he'll need a lot of work with halfcourt sets on both ends of the floor."

San Antonio Spurs
Franz Wagner / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Franz Wagner, G, Michigan - published on 6/20 by Damien Bartonek:
Franz Wagner adds needed playmaking edge
"Coupling Franz Wagner with the Spurs’ developmental staff would surely create a strong foundation for success within the franchise and could serve as yet another underrated addition to the Spurs’ increasingly young roster."

Josh Giddey, G, Adelaide - published on 6/23 by Damien Bartonek:
Josh Giddey should be considered at #12
"While his scoring is still a work in progress, he can still provide playmaking from the frontcourt that currently isn't on the team, and he can provide the rebounding that a more traditional power forward would bring to the team."

JT Thor, F, Auburn - published on 7/3 by Roberto Araiza:
JT Thor may be darkhorse first-round pick
"His deceivingly quick first step adds another layer to his defensive arsenal when he's off the ball as he was quite good at invading passing lanes, particularly off of the opposing team's first pass in transition."

San Antonio Spurs
Jalen Johnson / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Jalen Johnson, F, Duke - published on 7/5 by Damien Bartonek:
Is Jalen Johnson worth the risk?
"With proper development and a strong work ethic, the San Antonio Spurs could be walking the line of selecting a potential long-term answer in the frontcourt with the selection of Jalen Johnson."

Isaiah Jackson, F, Kentucky - published on 7/14 by Cal Durrett:
Isaiah Jackson can be a game-changer at #12
"Drafting Jackson could be a worthwhile gamble for the Spurs given his very high ceiling on defense, but he isn't quite a sure thing."

Scottie Barnes, G, Florida State - Published on 7/14 by Josh Paredes:
Hollinger compares lottery prospect to Kawhi Leonard
"Considering the similarities Scottie Barnes has to a former Spurs great, should they do whatever it takes to go back to that well?"

San Antonio Spurs
James Bouknight / Porter Binks/Getty Images

James Bouknight, SG, UConn - Published on 7/16 by Roberto Araiza:
James Bouknight could be an unexpected twist
"By going to a team that emphasizes relentless hustle and good defense in the Spurs, he could quickly become a more consistent player."