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SA Spurs: Can Tre Jones be the second coming of Tony Parker?

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Both guards have similar assist numbers

In a point guard, people often think someone like Russell Westbrook is the best passer with his 11 assists a game. Parker’s career-high was 7.7 and he averaged 5.6 over his career. Jones, at Duke, averaged 5.8 and 9.7 in the G League. I highly doubt he’ll end up near double-digit numbers in the Association, but I can dream.

Both Parker and Jones tend to create their own shots by driving to the hoop or pulling up in the lane, so when that fails, they tend to make a pass to bail themselves out. More often than not, these passes don’t result in shots being put up, they allow for the offense to reset. Unfortunately, this results in more turnovers since the passes are usually hasty and rushed. 

Looking at their stat sheet, both would appear to be ball hogs, but by watching just a quarter of a game, you quickly realize this isn’t true. While it’s nice when passes result in points, that’s not always the case. Jones doesn’t play for a team with great shooting, and Parker was one of the main options to score in his championship seasons. 

It’s weird to think that in the Steph Curry era, point guards can still thrive without an outside shot and amassing assists. Tony Parker made nearly $200 million doing just that though. Tre Jones can be the reincarnation of Parker. Scoring from the paint with ease, finessing his way to the hoop, and knowing when to give the ball up.

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Tre can be an undervalued pest on the defensive end. Maybe he won’t be a Finals MVP or six-time NBA All-Star. Maybe he won’t be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. But if he stays in the Silver and Black, his career could end up looking surprisingly similar.