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SA Spurs: Can Tre Jones be the second coming of Tony Parker?

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Tre Jones and Tony Parker Score the Same Way

In two years at Duke, Jones averaged just over 12 points per game. He took twice the amount of interior shots as 3-pointers and hit only 31% from deep as opposed to 46% from the inside. 

Before being drafted by San Antonio, Parker spent two years at Paris Basket Racing in the French A-League. Parker scored nine points per game over two seasons, shooting 31% from deep and 46% from the interior. Eerie, but a really cool similarity. 

As he spent more time in the NBA, Parker took and made more 3-point shots. Jones, in 37 games, has yet to make that leap. That being said, Parker only took three shots from deep one time, in the 2003 season. So it isn’t far-fetched to think that Jones will eventually feel that confident from deep.

Both score from the paint and create their own space in traffic. Jones has claimed that his jump shot feels better than ever and has shown off his crafty layup package in the Summer League. Parker was known for teardrops, pull-up jumpers, and reverse layups. Jones is not a knock-down shooter from deep, so his shot creation has evolved much like Parker’s: jumpers and crafty layups. 

If Jones eventually can score more, that’s more power to him. Parker benefited from playing with Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan. Duncan was a once-in-a-lifetime generational talent, but we’ve already seen some flashes of Manu in Lonnie Walker IV. Pairing the two of them together would be deadly. 

I’m hoping Jones develops an outside shot, but there’s no reason to suggest he can’t be an elite and threatening offensive player even without one. Parker was never known as a high-output exterior shooter but still had an excellent career. If Jones keeps practicing what he’s good at, having a Tony Parker ceiling is not a bad thing at all.