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Spurs: 1 undersell, 1 overpay, 1 just right-trade for OG Anunoby

OG Anunoby, Joshua Primo
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1. Raptors get their coveted center but not much else

In trade scenario one, the Raptors would be getting the center they've been coveting since earlier this year when they were rumored to be in the market for him near the trade deadline. Even as recently as last month, our colleagues at Raptors Rapture have been wondering if there's a way to reunite with the center they drafted back in 2016.

Toronto was dead last in defensive rebounds per game (32) and below average in blocks at 17th in the league last season. Someone like Poeltl would be a great fit with the core they have, but even still, this package probably wouldn't be enough on the Spurs' part.

While Poeltl would be the prize, Josh Richardson doesn't move the needle enough to warrant letting OG go when there would probably be better offers out there. The Raptors could benefit from his lights-out 3-point shooting, but considering OG's age and continued improvement, the Spurs would have to do better.

I certainly think they can, but it's important to have a barometer of what might be giving up too much as well.