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Should the San Antonio Spurs trade down for Ziaire Williams?

Ziaire Williams
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Ziaire Williams / John McCoy/Getty Images

Ziaire Williams' college career had some problems

Ziaire Williams shot an abysmal 37 percent from the floor, coupled with a 3-point and free-throw percentage of 29.1 percent and 79.6 percent. When broken down further, he had 0.63 points per possession as a spot-up shooter, 0.69 PPP when shooting off the catch, and 0.43 PPP when shooting off of screens.

His woes as a scorer didn't end there, as his lack of strength hurt him when finishing at or around the rim. He shot under 50 percent when shooting in the paint, which culminated in an eFG% of just over 43 percent.

Defensively, as an off-ball defender, he struggled. He placed in the 37th percentile when his man was spotted up, but the woes continued as he placed in the 18th percentile when his man ran off of screens.

He had an issue with fouls on the defensive side as well, averaging over two per contest, which placed him in the 27th percentile.

In conclusion, from a broad perspective, Williams has a lot to work on. Consistency and effort will be key in reaching his max level of upside. There are tools here. There are things to really like about his game, but he isn't anywhere near a contributor at the next level right now.

That's an issue if you're looking for either A.) A guaranteed contributor at the next level, B.) A prospect with a significant foundation for success, or C.) A player who can play immediately.

Fortunately for him, time for development will be on his and the Spurs' side. There should be no rush to immediately play Ziaire. With time on his side and a highly regarded development team to work with, San Antonio and Ziaire Williams could be a perfect match to unlock the totality of his game.

So what are the positives taking a chance on the young forward?