Should the San Antonio Spurs trade down for Ziaire Williams?

By Damien Bartonek
Ziaire Williams
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Ziaire Williams emerges from some tough situations

Initially, many readers will look at this like I'm crazy. Before we crack into his game on the floor, we have to consider the circumstances at hand when it comes to the 19-year-old freshman. Let's break down a bit of what Ziaire went through in his freshman campaign there at Stanford.

I mention this portion of his career because despite what some may believe, athletes are entirely human like me and you. The struggles, emotions, worries, and wonders relate to us in many ways that some may take for granted and forget.

That being said, Ziaire dealt with two deaths in his family that led him to miss significant time throughout their season both on the floor and in the practice facility. In addition, the Stanford team was forced to stay in hotels all season long without returning home for the majority of their season due to Santa Clara's quarantine procedures.

It was a sad, clunky, unfortunate season for Ziaire and the Cardinals, with basketball likely being placed on the back-burner for him throughout this season, and rightfully so. His play on the floor was up and down, rocky and bumpy for the most part. At face value, the numbers scream a disappointing freshman year, and that's definitely an understandable opinion.

As expected, off-court issues affected Ziaire's game, but how much?