Should the San Antonio Spurs trade down for Ziaire Williams?

By Damien Bartonek
Ziaire Williams
Ziaire Williams / John McCoy/Getty Images
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There are rumors swirling that the San Antonio Spurs are interested in moving back into the first round of the 2021 NBA Draft for the right price. Should they jump at the opportunity, one option to consider is Stanford's Ziaire Williams.

Ziaire is coming off a nightmare-ish season both on and off the court. The 19-year-old has plenty of tools but needs a strong developmental team to help him put it all together. That's where the San Antonio Spurs come in to play.

Without a proven All-Star level player combined with a roster full of complementary pieces, San Antonio should be looking for their next franchise cornerstone whether it be in free agency, the NBA Draft, or the trade market.

While the boom or bust potential is definitely evident here with Ziaire, selecting him with the second first-round pick takes a bit of the burden off of both parties. Williams doesn't have a polished game on either end, but there are levels of comfort in his game offensively that can't be taught.

He has a smooth feel for the game with the ball in his hands, flashing bright passing upside out of the pick and roll while having a strong pull-up mid range game.

Defensively, his long strides and frame lead you to believe it'll all be about putting it together as a defender. Standing at nearly 6-9 without shoes, Williams has strong lateral quickness and a plus wingspan that can keep him in front of defenders, help him play passing lanes, and make an impact on and off the ball, even as a weakside rim protector.

The tools are there, but at this stage, Williams will be a contributor in years two or three rather than immediately. That may turn some fans and potential organizations that are in the spot San Antonio is currently in away from going this route, but for the right price, it shouldn't be much of a question for the Spurs.

They should make Ziaire Williams a Spur. Let's break down his background a little more.