San Antonio Spurs: Top Offensive Free Agent at Each Position

Spencer Dinwiddie - Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets
Spencer Dinwiddie - Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
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The San Antonio Spurs have the cap space this offseason to do what they seldom do: make a massive splash in free agency. Traditionally, the Spurs find their core players via the draft and then build around them by using the free-agent market. With the young core seemingly in place, this offseason, San Antonio may deviate from the norm. With nearly $50 million in cap space and a good young group of players in place, the team's free-agency decisions this offseason will play a role in determining the future of the franchise for the rest of the decade. 

During the 2020-21 NBA season, the Spurs ranked below average in field goal percentage (20th), three-point percentage (24th), assists (17th), and points (20th). In most defensive categories, the Spurs fared much better. Clearly, addressing the efficiency, confidence, and overall production of the offense is the main issue that needs to be fixed.

With plenty of cap room, the Spurs can make a realistic and tantalizing offer to whoever they choose. They could steal a restricted free agent away or make a massive splash with an unrestricted free agent, who would be free to go wherever. While the Spurs have some clear gaps in terms of skill and some clear areas with a solid foundation, finding a diverse group of characters for the Spurs to pursue is advantageous, to say the least. 

At each of the five positions, there are feasible options for who the Spurs could go after. Some are clearly better than the others, but all would look great in the Silver and Black.