Spurs: The Top 10 guys Tim Duncan dominated in his NBA career

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San Antonio Spurs
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4. San Antonio Spurs - Tim Duncan vs. Chris Paul: 34-21 record (61.8%)

At age 35, Chris Paul is still making All-Star games and pushing his teams to new heights. Joining a Phoenix team that didn't make the postseason last season, he amazingly has the Suns on track to finish as a top-two seed in the Western Conference this season.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Paul held his own against Tim Duncan more than most. The fellow Wake Forest Demon Deacon enjoyed 21 wins against Duncan but still lost 62 percent of their duels.

Despite securing the second seed in the West, Paul's Hornets fell to the Spurs in 2008 in a rare Game 7 home loss. Duncan then got the better of Paul's Clippers easily in 2012 when San Antonio swept the series.

Eventually, CP3 got some revenge on Tim when he hit the game-winner in Game 7 of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs in 2015. That series included the last time Duncan scored more than 20 points in a playoff game, which he did at 38-years-old.

Still, Tim held a commanding 23-14 regular season advantage over CP3. Considering how much Paul elevates his teammates to greatness, this record deserves some higher recognition, even if it's not as lopsided as others.

San Antonio Spurs
Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan / PAUL BUCK/Getty Images

3. San Antonio Spurs - Tim Duncan vs. Kevin Garnett: 33-19 record (63.4%)

Every once in a while, I see the asinine argument that Kevin Garnett was a better player than Tim Duncan. All I can say about that is well, it's certainly an opinion. There's not really a question among most NBA circles that Tim Duncan is the best power forward of all time, but his lack of an in-your-face personality seems to become an argument in these disputes.

When it comes down to it, Garnett was a superstar, but he's no Tim Duncan. Not only does Tim have KG beat by a landslide in team accolades, but the dominance of his head-to-head record over him speaks volumes as well.

Duncan won 27 of 44 regular season meetings over Garnett and six of eight playoff games in 1999 and 2001.

No matter how many times Garnett tried to get in Duncan's face or proclaim that his squad was going to shock the world (as he did in the 1999 playoffs), Tim quietly handled business against The Big Ticket to the tune of a 63 percent win record.