Spurs: The Top 10 guys Tim Duncan dominated in his NBA career

San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan
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San Antonio Spurs
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6. San Antonio Spurs - Tim Duncan vs. Vince Carter: 42-14 record (75%)

Continuing the trend of durable guys that spent multiple decades in the league, Vince Carter checks in at number six. Carter and Duncan first faced off in March 1999 when Vince's Raptors defeated Tim's Spurs by two points. In fact, Carter took three of the first four from Duncan with Toronto.

In 2002, San Antonio started to take control of the all-time series with Toronto by winning nine out of 10 over the next few years. When Carter moved onto New Jersey, that's when the real damage to his head-to-head record with Tim happened.

The Spurs won 10 straight against the Nets as part of a 14-game overall winning streak against them from 2003-2010. The result was a 34-11 regular season advantage for Duncan and an 8-3 playoff record.

Vince Carter retired from the NBA at age 43 and is another surefire Hall of Famer on this list.

San Antonio Spurs
Stephen Curry, Tim Duncan / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

5. San Antonio Spurs - Tim Duncan vs. Stephen Curry: 16-5 record (76.1%)

Stephen Curry has had enough success in his career to not worry about head-to-head records. Still, the fact remains that Duncan dominated the two-time MVP's Warriors over the years.

Tim's averages of 15.5 points and 9.2 rebounds against Steph were both lower than his career averages, but his Spurs still took the dub over the Dubs over 3/4 of the time when he and Curry faced off. Steph's Warriors won just three regular season games out of 15 against San Antonio during Duncan's reign.

In their only playoff meeting in 2013, the Spurs defeated the Warriors in six games to eventually make it to the NBA Finals. The impressive 76.1 win percentage is enough to put this matchup in the top five, but considering they only played against each other 21 times, it doesn't get bumped up any higher.