Spurs: The Top 10 guys Tim Duncan dominated in his NBA career

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San Antonio Spurs
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8. San Antonio Spurs - Tim Duncan vs. Paul Pierce: 21-9 record (70%)

The first time Tim Duncan and Paul Pierce went head to head was November 24, 1999. A mere seven years, three months, and 22 days later, Pierce finally got his first win over the Big Fundamental.

Beginning March 1997, the Spurs defeated the Celtics 18 straight times until Boston finally broke that streak in March 2007. Any streak like that will have some crazy statistics accompanying it, which is where Duncan's record over Pierce comes in.

Pierce eventually got a few wins in the Big Three Celtics era, but the damage was already done, as he finished with just nine wins in 30 tries against Tim.

Pierce will be eligible for the next Basketball Hall of Fame induction and has a 99.7 percent shot of making the cut, according to Basketball-Reference.

San Antonio Spurs
Carmelo Anthony / G Fiume/Getty Images

7. San Antonio Spurs - Tim Duncan vs. Carmelo Anthony: 26-12 record (68.4%)

Like Duncan, Carmelo Anthony knows something about longevity. Beginning his career in Denver at age 19, Anthony is still averaging 14 points and shooting well from three for the Portland Trail Blazers 17 seasons later.

Anthony is one of the greatest scorers the game has ever seen and has an outstanding resume that he's still adding to at 36 years old. Unfortunately for Carmelo, his teams could never quite figure out how to stop Tim Duncan.

Anthony defeated Duncan 10 times in 28 regular season tries and just twice in 10 postseason games. In both playoff series, the Spurs dropped Game 1 before sweeping the next four to knock Melo's Nuggets out of contention.

Anthony is a surefire lock to be a Hall of Famer when he decides to hang them up.