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San Antonio Spurs: These pairs should never share the court

Bryn Forbes - Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs
Bryn Forbes - Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images
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Pair #2: Jock Landale and Doug McDermott

A pairing of Jock Landale and Doug McDermott is something I could see happening if Landale manages to crack the starting lineup or if McDermott is relegated to the bench. Either way, much like with Jones and Forbes, I could see this pairing doing some great things on offense. They can both shoot from three, Landale has good interior footwork and passing upside, and McDermott is a great cutter and finisher.

Unfortunately, though, seeing them both on the floor together could have some negative implications for the player rotations and could create another defensive hole in the lineup. Neither player is particularly athletic or good at blocking shots despite their size. Once again, they would need the team's best defenders in the game with them to compensate.

The only starting lineup that I could see working well with both Landale and McDermott in the game is (in order) Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, McDermott, Landale, and Poeltl. In this lineup, McDermott would play small forward and Landale would be moved to the power forward spot.

As you may have already noticed, though, the negative implication with this lineup is that Keldon Johnson would have to be moved to the bench. That being said, if Johnson is forced to play off the bench, unless Vassell is moved to the shooting guard spot, then Johnson would likely be forced to play out of position as a small-ball power forward once again. This domino effect could then create a problem for Luka Samanic, who would then likely be considered the third-string power forward behind both Landale and Johnson.

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Ultimately, moving Landale into the starting lineup (playing the power forward) may not be worth all the other lineup adjustments that it would require.