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San Antonio Spurs: Simulating 5 wildly different offseasons

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The Key to the San Antonio Spurs being back is change

It's pretty telling that the team that mostly stood pat finished 31-51 in their simulation. Bringing back DeMar DeRozan and Patty Mills while not doing much else to address team issues would not be a good offseason.

The bottom line is it's time for the Spurs to swing for the fences or risk staying in NBA purgatory for yet another season. Even if they make some major moves, it's still a process, but at least it will be forward progress.

An upgrade at the big man position was critical toward the success of a couple of these teams, and I have no doubt that applies in real life as well. When I asked Stephen Hale, who created these teams, which choice he would make and why, he had this to say.

"I personally would relish an opportunity to steal that 3rd overall pick from Cleveland. I’d even overpay for it in a couple of ways. In a five-man draft where you literally can’t go wrong in the Top 5 and knowing Cleveland is not good at drafting, whoever you get at three would be fabulous.

For good measure, the Spurs have the cap space to absorb Kevin Love’s contract: the same Kevin Love who was chosen for the Olympics. Maybe there’s something left in his tank, albeit not the nearly $60 million he is owed. But he could be serviceable. Startable, even.

If you end up with Evan Mobley, Jalen Suggs, or Jonathan Kuminga on a rookie deal and team control for the next seven years, $60 million to Kevin Love is a small price to pay, especially since Cleveland is ready to move on."

Stephen made this pick before any simulations were run, so kudos for choosing what appeared to be the clear winner.

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The San Antonio Spurs could conceivably make a lot of moves this summer and they'd be wise to do just that -- in real life, of course.