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As Ben Simmons' Price Lowers, the Spurs Should Craft This New Trade Package

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How the Philadelphia 76ers got to this point

To understand why the Spurs could have the upper hand in negotiations with Philly, here's a quick recap of what happened. The 76ers nearly traded Simmons for James Harden last season when he was actually playing well. That didn't happen, of course, and it probably was the start of the rift between the two sides.

After his epic fail of a seven-game series against the Atlanta Hawks, 76ers head coach Doc Rivers questioned whether Simmons was a championship player. They then openly tried to trade him but asked for far too much while his value was at an all-time low. 

Philly then tried to scare teams into upping their offers by threatening to hold onto him through the start of the season only to have Simmons demand they actually trade him. Simmons then tried to hold out but quickly reported to the team after missing out on his first paycheck. He’s now being fined by the team for missing time due to mental health reasons and has yet to play this season. Pure dysfunction.

That dysfunction puts the Spurs in a unique position and they can't afford to let it slip away. At this point, Philly, despite their tough stance, has to be coming to the realization that they will be accepting a fraction of Simmons' value.

So what trade would help get Simmons into the Silver and Black, and make sense for both teams, at this point?