Keep or Cut: What Should Spurs Do With Team Options?

Tre Jones, Zach Collins
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Now that the San Antonio Spurs' season is over, they'll have a busy off-season ahead of them, starting with the 2022 NBA Draft. With four picks, the Spurs can add more young talent, but they could also face a roster crunch as a result. After all, San Antonio has 12 players under contract for next season, not including Lonnie Walker, who is a restricted free agent, in addition to all of their picks.

Even if they use only three of their selections, they'd still have a full roster before entering free agency, where they could have up to $34 million in cap space. Therefore, San Antonio may have to make some tough roster decisions. With that in mind, let's examine four players on non-guaranteed contracts and determine whether the Spurs should keep them or cut them.

San Antonio Spurs
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Zach Collins

The Spurs made a calculated risk by signing Zach Collins to a multi-year deal but wisely protected themselves by only partially guaranteeing the second year and non guaranteeing the third year. The results were encouraging, even though Collins only played 28 games after debuting in February. That said, he played surprisingly well for someone who missed a year and a half of basketball.

He averaged a solid 7.8 points and 5.5 rebounds in just 17.9 minutes and also showed the ability to space the floor and pass. Defensively, he wasn't as good but got better as he began to shake the rust off. That's key when discussing Collins' play; this season was about getting him healthy and back on the floor and less about how effective he was. 

Next season, however, will be the real test of whether Collins has a role with the Spurs. Fortunately, he'll enter the offseason healthy for the first time in a long time and will have a chance to build upon his solid play. Thus, Collins should be much better next season, and San Antonio is counting on it.

Verdict: Keep